Here are some reading materials for learning how to sail. Check out the club manuals below which teach you how to sail the different fleets of our club.

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Club Manuals

The weather plays an integral role in sailing. To learn a bit more about how to determine how the weather will affect your sailing experience check out the Hoofer Weather Guide.

Below are the manuals for the different fleets of our club. These manuals are very good reference material on learning how to sail and should be (but are not required to be) read before taking lessons on the particular fleet.

For beginners, check out the Ground School, Tech and Windsurfing manuals depending on your sailing interests. If you are unsure of what you want to sail, check out the fleets page or read the Ground School manual.

Attachment Size
Tech Manual Google Drive
Windsurfing Manual Google Drive
Tech Racing Manual 2.48 MB
420 Manual 3.7 MB
Badger Sloop Manual Google Drive
J-Fleet Manual 1.81 MB
Scow Manual Google Drive
Motorboat Manual 799.44 KB
Sailing Ground School Manual 2014 Google Drive
Hoofer Scow Racing Manual 374 KB
Hoofer E-Scow Sailing Manual Supplement 322 KB
Hoofer I20 Sailing Manual Supplement 226 KB


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