Support Hoofer Sailing

In 1931, Harold C. Bradley, Porter Butts, and a small group of students established the Wisconsin Hoofers. Eight decades later, as one of the largest and most active collegiate outdoor recreation programs in the country, Hoofers are looking to the future and depend on your support.

Monetary Support

By financially supporting Hoofers, you empower the executive board to use those funds in supporting the greatest needs and initiatives of the club or team.

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In-Kind Support

By supporting Hoofers in-kind, your generous support of equipment use as mutually agreed upon by you and Hoofers, directly contributes to supporting the operations of the clubs and teams.

The Hoofer Sailing Club has benefited greatly over the years from the generous in-kind donation of sail boats and other sailing equipment. If you are interested in donating to the club, please contact the Commodore at

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Volunteer Support

By supporting Hoofers with your time and your expertise, you directly contribute to the civic participation and learning within the Hoofer community.

Are you an experienced sailor? Have you considered volunteering as an instructor to teach others your skills? If so, please contact the Head of Instruction at for more information. If not, we have plenty of other volunteer opportunities available!

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