Sailing Shop

In addition to the traditional sailing experiences that the Hoofers Sailing Club offers, there exists another facet unique to our club that helps teach students and club members alike all the skills necessary for sailboat repair. Located right next to the sloop docks, the Hoofers Sailing Shop is a student run maintenance shop, headed up by a student shop director and a student team of shop employees.

The Sailing Shop not only offers a paid opportunity for students, but provides students a unique way to get involved directly with the Sailing Club in a far different capacity than traditional club membership. It teaches them skills unique to sailing and provides them with an excellent foundation for general shop skills and the usage of power tools and equipment that they are able to take with them past their time here at UW-Madison.

The students handle the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of all the fleets in the organization, including motorboat/whaler engine repair, dock upkeep, sail repair, fiberglassing, repainting, and whatever else may break or need attention on one of our boats.

It is important to note that this is a student lead and run operation, meaning the shop will not always have a person available whenever you may need their help. It also means that there will always be projects and maintenance requests that the staff are currently working on and some may take priority over others. However, the student staff are always willing to help out whenever they are able and will always be transparent on shop priorities regarding maintenance of the fleets.

If you have a maintenance issue or maintenance request for one of the vessels in the fleet please fill out a maintenance request form or head to, click the Hoofer Sailing Club view and find the maintenance request form under the equipment tab.

For any shop related questions regarding access, use of the shop, or questions regarding shop projects please contact the current Shop Director at: