General Information

The Sailing club has been a part of the Hoofer outdoor adventure clubs at the University of Wisconsin - Madison since 1939. In that time it has grown from a handful of boats and members taking care of them, to the second largest inland sailing club in the country.

We offer more than 120 different boats and sailboards for our members. These are spread between 8 different fleets and comprised of 15 different types of crafts. As a member you'll receive unlimited instruction (so no prior sailing knowledge or ability is required) and once you have your rating on a particular boat you'll have unlimited access to go sailing during regular club hours.

We have worked very hard to make sailing a sport accessible to everyone. To that end we have kept our membership dues as low as possible, and offer an adaptive sailing program for individuals with disabilities.

We also have a youth program for those who are not old enough to be regular club members, but still have the sailing itch.

We also have very active and regular socials, parties, and special events so that everyone in the club has a chance to meet each other. With more than 1,000 members that's a lot of new friends.

See you on the lake....

"The purpose of the Sailing Club shall be to promote sailing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by providing the organization, equipment, infrastructure, instruction, and financing necessary to encourage recreational and competitive sailing."