Get to Know your BOC - Noah Janssen

Nov 11th, 2019 - Nov 11th, 2019

The snow and cold weather might not make for great sailing weather but it's a perfect time to start preparing for next summer! To help you meet your BOC, we will be posting weekly throughout the winter about one of our BOC members. If you ever see them around Hoofers, make sure to say hi, everyone on the board loves to meet our amazing and wonderful members. Our first post features Noah Janssen, who is this year's Rear Commodore. He is a lifelong sailor, current graduate student in the MAcc program and alumnus of the Wisco Sailing Team. To learn more about him, see this post, and stay tuned for next week's post!


About Noah

Our Rear Commodore, Noah Janssen, is serving for the first time on the BOC this year, but he brings a wealth of knowledge from his time on the Wisco Sailing Team. He was their practice captain for 2 years, which has many of the same roles. He grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and learned to sail on North Lake through their sailing school. He started on Pram's at the age of 5 and over the years worked his way up through the program, which culminated with him being the head of instruction.

At UW-Madison, he spent 4 years on the sailing team and served on the board as regatta coordinator and 2 terms of practice captain. The team provided him with an awesome ability to develop leadership skills, make life long friends, and compete all across the country, including at Team Race Nationals at Old Dominion University in 2018. It also introduced him to the special one of a kind sailing club that is Hoofers. He is looking forward to continuing his sailing involvement in Madison with a more involved role within the general club this year!

Favorite Hoofer Sailing Memory

His favorite sailing memory on Lake Mendota comes from his time on the team during Freshman year while practicing when it was blowing east, northeast with massive waves. This is how he remembers it:

There were only 5 of us, three freshman skippers and 2 senior crews, so Dave Elsmo [former Head Coach] had us rig up 2 FJs. I was paired to sail with Ian Walter and Tommy Groskopf was sailing with Jen Burke. We sailed upwind towards the middle of the lake and were able to keep the pointy end upright. Once we got to Dave we got into a follow the leader to head into a downwind sprint. The boats planed as we reached behind Dave in the coach boat waiting for his whistle to head downwind. Dave finally blew the whistle and we bore away. As we turned down we immediately closed on the rollers rumbling down the lake. We skipped over the first and our bow quickly met the next submarining into the water and sending the boat into a pitchpole. Ian and I went flying into Lake Mendota for a nice ice bath. Dave decided it was best to go in after that so we cut practice short and the 5 of us team members went to the Library Cafe for some cajun fries to warm up!

Favorite Sailing Memory Sailing A scows in the summer on Pewaukee and C boats on my home lake North Lake.

Favorite Fleet E-Scows

Favorite Outdoor Activity Going for a run

Favorite Babcock Ice Cream S'mores