Accessible Sailing

Regardless of ability, sailing allows participant’s an opportunity to enjoy a freedom not found on land. Sailing by its nature is an adaptive sport. Humans weren’t built for the water or air, but with a little equipment we can harness both for a good day on the lake. Hoofer sailing prides itself in providing inclusion based programming for individuals with adaptive needs. Each year we work regularly with Special Olympics Wisconsin and individually with many people from around the community. Regardless of physical or cognitive need we can provide you with an amazing learning experience on the water.

Our ‘adaptive membership’ is the same cost as our regular membership with one difference. It provides an opportunity for two people to get out on the water!

When you sign up as a member, you are be paired with another individual or can bring a friend to act as your ‘Navigator.’ They participate alongside you in each lesson and act as an instructor assistant. It is generally recommended that you find a friend that understands your needs but we can always find a passionate sailor to pitch in! In order to ensure you are both in the same lessons we will schedule a little bit ahead of time and train all individuals in our adaptive equipment.

Do make sure your sailing is safe and fun we have plenty of adaptive equipment available for anybody that needs it. For transfers to and from the dock we have a Hoyer Lift

If you have mid-upper body mobility restrictions we have upper body restriction chairs designed by Creating Ability (we have sailed using these with quadriplegics and paraplegics)

If you have specific needs that require specific equipment please contact us! We often purchase or build gear for specific individuals.

If you are interested in getting involved through our adaptive sailing membership please contact the Outdoor UW office and get in touch with our Head of Instruction.

We look forward to getting you on the water!