Youth Program - First Day Info

What to Wear


Wearing clothes appropriate for water sports will make the Hoofer Youth Program experience more enjoyable. Campers should dress for outdoor safety and comfort and should expect to get wet every day.

Ideal clothing would be: a swimsuit and/or rash guard, old tennis shoes or close-toed sandals with a heel strap and sunglasses with a strap and/or a hat. The Youth Program will provide all safety equipment including life jackets.

Other Things to Bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Dry clothes, dry shoes and a towel for after class
  • If attending a Day Camp or two sessions in a day, youth should pack a lunch or bring lunch money to buy a sandwich at the Memorial Union. Refrigerators are available.
  • Please do not bring valuables to class — Hoofers is not responsible for theft.

Drop-off & Pick-up


Students can be dropped off at the Park Street circle located between the Memorial Union and Helen C. White College Library.

Drop-offs are not allowed earlier than 10 minutes before class time and pick-ups are not to be after 10 minutes of class completion. Our instructors are busy using the time before class to prep for the day and will not check students in before this 10 minute period. We ask for a 10 minute period after class to finish cleaning, de-rigging boats and answering any last-minute questions.

If your child will not be attending any given day, please inform us of this one day prior so we can make any necessary adjustments to our lesson plans.

Where do we check-in?

  • We will have staff members waiting in the Park Street Circle. Alternatively, if you arrive via the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path, come to the Yellow Canopy that is right on the lake, just West of the Memorial Union (see map above).