Youth Program - F.A.Q.

  • Is my child eligible to participate in your program?
    Yes, we welcome all youth ages 10 to 18, regardless of ability or prior experience, to participate in your summer program.

  • Can I enroll a child who is younger than 10 years old?
    Accommodations are sometimes made to include children age 9 who are turning 10 during the summer. We do not commonly accept children less than 10 years of age due to the size of equipment that we use and the age-appropriateness of our teaching curriculum. Specific exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Youth Program Director ( if you have a specific question regarding your child’s ability to participate.

  • Will a class still meet if there is bad weather or no wind?
    YES! Although sailing and paddling sports are weather dependent, classes will be held for the full length of time every day. There will be engaging activities planned for all weather conditions. No-wind or poor weather days are often used to teach theory and techniques on land. In addition, instructors are constantly in communication with the UW Safety Tower, which monitors weather conditions, and are informed immediately of changing weather patterns to maximize safe time on the water.

  • What if I want my child to be in the same class as their friend?
    It is possible to sign up two students in the same class. Each separate session on the youth program schedule will meet as one class. If your child is signed up in the same session they will be in a class with the same instructor. Please note that in some weeks a morning class is also repeated in the afternoon. Make sure to sign up in the same session.

  • Can I receive a discount if my child is not able to attend every day of the class?
    We generally do not issue refunds or discounts for this. Please contact the Youth Program Director ( if you would like to make a specific request.

  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Please see our refund policy

  • Can I register my child up the first day of class?
    Online registration will remain open until right before the start of the first day of camp.