Leadership Team

Executive Committee



Charlie Kutschenreuter


Rear Commodore


Noah Janssen





Shop Director & Maintenance Represenative

Shop Directors 1

Zach Childs & Tye Rubin


Board of Captains

Name Position E-Mail
Charlie Kutschenreuter Commodore commodore@hoofersailing.org
- Vice-Commodore vc@hoofersailing.org
Noah Janssen Rear Commodore rc@hoofersailing.org
Noah Hallerman Secretary secretary@hoofersailing.org
Hayden Frentzel Treasurer treasurer@hoofersailing.org
Sonya Miran Director of Internal & External Affairs DIER@hoofersailing.org
Sara Stemberger & Colleen Hickman Social Co-Chairs socials@hoofersailing.org
Amanda Miller Communications Chair communications@hoofersailing.org
Hallie Heuser Marketing Chair marketing@hoofersailing.org
Lukas Duddleston Webmaster webmaster@hoofersailing.org
Courtney Deisch Hoofer Ambassadors Liaison
Drake Demitrios & Coleman RobbinsRacing Coordinators racing@hoofersailing.org
Zach Childs & Tye Rubin Maintenance Representatives sd@hoofersailing.org
Peter Sauer Sailing Team Representative uwsailingcaptain@gmail.com
Olivia Staruck 420 Fleet Captain 420s@hoofersailing.org
Greg Stroupe Sloop Fleet Captain sloops@hoofersailing.org
Vacant Yu Chen Windsurfing Fleet Captain windsurfing@hoofersailing.org
Tye Rubin Light Keelboat Fleet Captain j-fleet@hoofersailing.org
Whitney Johnson & Peter Killeen Heavy Keelboat Fleet Captain keelboats@hoofersailing.org
Dave Fish Kiting Fleet Captain kiting@hoofersailing.org
Rory Tikalsky Scow Fleet Captain scows@hoofersailing.org
Vacant Tech Fleet Captain techs@hoofersailing.org
Kaitlyn Hamers & Travis Youman Laser/Byte Fleet Co-Captains lasers@hoofersailing.org

The BOC meets biweekly on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm. For the 2019-2020 meeting schedule, click here. For meeting agenda and minutes, click here.


Name Boat E-Mail
- J/22 - Stirred stirred@hoofersailing.org
- J/22 - Shaken shaken@hoofersailing.org
- J/24 - Salsa
Brett Unks J/24 - Scurvy Dog scurvydog@hoofersailing.org
Zach Pace J/24 - What About Bob whataboutbob@hoofersailing.org
Ben Whiddon J/24 - Jag Ed jaged@hoofersailing.org
Greg Lawless O'Day 25 - Cinger cinger@hoofersailing.org
Shivjit Gill Capri 22 - Cap cap@hoofersailing.org
Kevin Nestor Catalina 22 - Chargeback chargeback@hoofersailing.org
Pete Keuler Tartan 10 - Rhubarb rhubarb@hoofersailing.org
Pete Keuler Tartan 10 - Siege siege@hoofersailing.org
Pete Keuler Tartan 10 - Sassafras sassafras@hoofersailing.org
Mike Healy Ericson 26 - Salaam salaam@hoofersailing.org
Tom Mills Soveral 30 - Spray spray@hoofersailing.org
Max Slesarev Percision 27 - Knotty Rascal knottyrascal@hoofersailing.org


Sailing Program Manager

Head of Instruction

Director of Outdoor UW

Name Position E-Mail
Dave Elsmo Sailing Program Manager david.elsmo@wisc.edu
Mills Botham Head of Instruction headofinstruction@hoofersailing.org
Joe Webb Director of Outdoor UW outdooruw@union.wisc.edu
Youth Program Director Christopher Selzer youth@hoofersailing.org
Joann Long ASA Coordinator asa@hoofersailing.org
Chamond Liu Outreach Coordinator outreach@hoofersailing.org
Molly Daugherty
Lessons Coordinator lessons@hoofersailing.org