Become a Hoofer

HSC is open to all UW-Madison Students, Faculty, Staff and Wisconsin Union Members.

Ever spent a day sitting at the Union Terrace, looking out over the water, watching the sails across the lake. Chances are you are watching other Union members or students who have discovered what a great time the Hoofer Sailing Club offers. Come join in on the fun instead of watching it from afar, the HSC is open to anyone with a current Union membership, including UW-Madison students, faculty and staff!

The Nature of Club Membership

The Hoofer Sailing Club is an association of individuals working together to maintain a fleet of boats for recreational and competitive sailing, and to offer a top-notch instruction program. By doing as much of the work as possible ourselves, we can keep our membership dues incredibly low. Compare our dues to other yacht clubs, where you may have to pay up to $1,000 per month in dues just to maintain your membership. Then, you'll pay hundreds of dollars more for lessons, and to go sailing, you need to own a boat.

Not only does our structure keep our costs low, it's got tremendous social potential. When you teach others to sail, or get involved in our periodic work parties, you meet new people and create friendships. Friendships made all the stronger by common interests and a shared sense of pride in a job well done. You also get a chance to learn a great deal about boat operations and maintenance-- a great thing if you dream of owning a boat someday.

Membership Rates As of November 1st, 2018

  Student Union Member
Annual $249 $374
Academic - 8/15 to 5/31 $199 $269
Summer - 6/1 to 8/31 $229 $314
Fall - 8/1 to 12/31 $149 $194
Winter - 11/1 to 3/31 $129 $159
Monthly $99 $129
Student Four-Year $599 N/A

The prices listed in the table above include work hour deposits, which are refunded to members who volunteer for the club. Work hours are refunded $30 at a time for 4-hours of service. For details, click here.

  • $90 Work Hour Deposit (12 hours) - Union Annual
  • $60 Work Hour Deposit (8 hours) - Student Annual, Union & Student Academic, Union & Student Summer, Union & Student Fall
  • $30 Work Hour Deposit (4 hours) - Union & Student Winter


Any currently-enrolled UW-Madison student, Wisconsin Union member, faculty/staff member or guest student may join the Hoofer Sailing Club. If you are a guest student, simply purchase a Union membership and then sign up for a student membership (with student ID).

How to Sign-up

You may join the Hoofer Sailing Club at any time. Sign up online, attend one of the club kickoff meetings, or go to the Outdoor Programs Office in the Memorial Union during normal business hours (608-262-1630). Simply fill out a brief membership form, sign our standard liability waiver, and pay your dues. We accept cash, check, or Visa and MasterCard.