Why Do We Need Safety Rules?

Although sailing can be loads of fun, the potential hazards of water sports are also great including injuries and drowning. As the skipper of your craft, it is important to recognize that the skipper is responsible for the safety of all your crew and equipment (your boat) at all times. Ask any longtime sailors about their "stories" about what went wrong. They will have plenty. As one sails more and gains more experience, one becomes wise and more cautious in preventing potential hazards. Once you are in trouble, there are at least two things you can do to increase your safety. (If everyone followed these two basic safety rules, there would be far less drownings in the boating world.)

  • Wear your snug-fitting lifejacket in any potentially dangerous situations.
  • Always stay with your craft (even if capsized) unless someone is right there to put you into his or her boat. The boat gives you additional buoyancy and is easily spotted.You can take additional steps to increase your safety.
    • Check the weather forecast before you go out and watch the weather as you sail.
    • Teach your crew effectively on basic sailing to increase their safety.
    • Develop your skill by sailing as much as you can
    • When at Hoofers, properly check out your equipment in the boathouse every time you're on the water (so that we know that you are on the water and may need rescue).

Will knowing the potential risks associated with water sports diminish your fun? Certainly not. Knowing the potential dangers and the following safety rules designed to keep you out of danger is the best way to insure that you have fun. Safe sailing to you!

Check out the detailed safety rules here.


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