Welcome to the Hoofer Sailing Club and our windsurfing program. We hope as a Hoofer Sailing Club member you take the initiative to learn lots, including how to take care of the equipment, have loads of fun, and teach others how to further develop their skills, knowledge and care of our equipment.

If you haven't tried windsurfing yet, you don't know what you're missing. You won't get closer to feeling the wind and water!


Anyone can learn to windsurf! Balance is part of the equation as is persistence, determination and, learning through some initial good coaching. Our enthusiastic instructors can help you learn the basics, including how to choose the proper equipment so that you can take off, play, and learn with other excited windsurfers in the variety of conditions Lake Mendota has to offer.

If you are new to the sport, don't worry – the vast majority of our members are. You will undoubtedly find yourself craving a windier day soon after your first lesson. Remember, if you're not falling in, you're not getting any better!

If you're a novice, we'll give you some basic sailing theory on land and a brief orientation with our dry simulator before anyone gets wet but most of our emphasis is on-the-water fun! After your Ground School, take one Windsurfing A (two days for three hours per day) then Windsurfing B. You can take as many Windsurfing B lessons as you want or need.

If you already have some experience windsurfing, ask about fast-tracking to move up through the ratings. Then, take some of our more advanced lessons, like shortboards, harnesses and foot straps, freestyle, waterstarting, and special topics!

Hoofer Windsurfing Manual

The Hoofer Windsurfing Manual provides useful information as you get started. The Hoofer Windsurfing Equipment Use Guide gives you more frequently updated information including our strong emphasis on good stewardsip in taking care of Hoofer equipment and facilities. Persistent stewardship is crucial for the success of the fleet. In lessons and testouts, our instructors strive to convey various stewardship points that we want all members to be aware of. They are summarized in the Hoofer Windsurfing Equipment Use Guide which is also posted on the Lakelab Door.

Ratings Flowchart

Here is a typical progression for learning to windsurf at Hoofers. (Click on flowchart for detailed explanation of lessons, ratings, and skills.)

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