The sailing club is run by an executive board entitled the Board of Captains. As stated in the Club By-Laws, the BOC is responsible for all executive, legislative and judicary aspects of the club. The Board is appointed by the Commodore and serves for a concurrent term.

The Commodore and Vice-Commodore are the two elected leaders of the club. The Commodore and Vice-Commodore are elected in an election, open to the entire populace of active members, usually held at the end of August.

The Board of Captains includes the following positions:

  • Commodore
  • Vice-Commodore
  • Treasurer
  • Events & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Marketing & PR Chair
  • Secretary
  • Maintenance / Shop Representative
  • Education Representative
  • 420 Fleet Captain & Sailing Team Representative
  • Tech & Badger Sloop Fleet Captain
  • Keelboat Fleet Captain
  • J-Fleet Captain
  • Laser Fleet Captain
  • Scow Fleet Captain
  • Snow Kiting Fleet Captain
  • Windsurfing Fleet Captain

To contact any of the members of the Board of Captains, click here.


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