Tong Family Marina

Construction of the Tong Family Marina is underway and work is progressing smoothly. We are looking forward to enjoying the marina with all of our members next summer.

Those interested in showing their support for the Marina Project can find more information about the project here or can visit to donate.

Yu Chen Memorial Sailing Outreach Fund

Dear friends of Yu Chen, This email is in regard to an endowed fund that the Hoofer Sailing Club is putting together in honor of our friend and Windsurfing Instructor, Yu Chen. It is called the Yu Chen Memorial Sailing Outreach Fund and its main purpose is community outreach. For those of you who did not know Yu very well, Yu was an extremely talented but humble man. He worked in medical physics focusing his research on improving cancer treatments. In 2009, Yu joined the Hoofer Sailing Club and eventually became one of the top windsurfers. He became a volunteer instructor in 2012 and would frequently sacrifice his own time on the water to help anyone who had questions. Even if he did not have a class to teach, Yu would frequently help other people set-up their equipment and would give advice when asked before going out on the water himself. He was truly selfless. Yu also volunteered for the Hoofer outreach program which helps underprivileged youth gain sailing experiences they otherwise would not have. Click here for a biography of Yu. As the Yu Chen Memorial Sailing Outreach Fund will be perpetual, this fund is set-up to allow maximum flexibility in its use. Wording for the Yu Chen Memorial Sailing Outreach Fund, as being finalized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison is: "The Hoofer Sailing program will use the available yearly funds in community outreach by offering free lessons for non-members of the club with windsurfing instruction preferred. A portion of the available yearly funds should go towards providing lessons for underprivileged youth in conjunction with the Hoofer Sailing Club Outreach Program. The Yu Chen Memorial Sailing Fund's distribution is flexible and shall be determined jointly by the Hoofer Sailing Club Windsurfing Captain, the Hoofer Sailing Club Commodore, and the Hoofer Sailing Club Head of Instruction." Though I have pushed for this idea with the University of Wisconsin Foundation, this Fund idea was a compilation of ideas from many of the instructors who knew Yu very well - I gathered what I thought were the most fitting ideas and have worked to get a donation platform up and running. This idea is befitting to Yu as an avid windsurfer and generous instructor. I think that this fund captures some of the spirit in which Yu participated in our club. However well-intentioned this Fund idea is, we will not be able to make it happen without donations which is my main purpose in writing this email. Please consider donating to the Yu Chen Sailing Outreach Fund if you support the idea behind this. This fund requires $10,000 to become endowed (which means that it will be perpetual and will live off of its interest). I think that this Fund is one of the best ways that we as a sailing community can memorialize Yu. It is fitting to the way he was involved with the club and it will be put to good use year after year once funded. Whether Yu taught you, sailed with you, talked with you, or if you simply want to honor Yu and his life, please consider donating so that we can get Yu's Fund up and running to continue to do some good in a way that he would be proud of. Any amount is greatly appreciated. There are two options for donating. How to donate: Go to In the "Fund Name" box, type in "Yu Chen" and the rest (Memorial Sailing Outreach Fund) will pop up along with the fund number - 132900112. Or you can send a check made payable to UW Foundation with with the words "Yu Chen Memorial Sailing Outreach Fund" in the memo line to: UW Foundation U.S. Bank Lockbox 78236 Milwaukee, WI 53278-0236 Thank you for reading this email, and thank you for considering donating. Magnus Zaunmueller Windsurfing Fleet Captain | 2016-2017 Hoofer Sailing Club August 11, 2017

Winter Education Series

About Hoofer Sailing Club

The Hoofer Sailing Club, established in 1939, is a collection of University of Wisconsin-Madison students and community members working together to maintain a fleet of boats for recreational and competitive sailing. Membership includes unlimited lessons and boat usage. Our fleet, one of the largest in the nation, includes dinghies, keelboats, windsurfing boards and even winter kites.

We encourage all our members to volunteer, to become instructors (the best way to become a better sailor) and to be involved in club leadership.

By doing as much of the work as possible ourselves, we can keep our membership dues incredibly low. Compare our dues to other yacht clubs, where you may have to pay up to $1,000 per month in dues just to maintain your membership and then pay hundreds of dollars more for lessons and the expense of private boat ownership.

Not only does our structure keep our costs low, it has tremendous social potential. When you teach others to sail, or get involved in our periodic work parties and social events, you meet new people and create friendships. Friendships made all the stronger by common interests and a shared sense of pride in a job well done. You also get a chance to learn a great deal about boat operations and maintenance-- a great thing if you dream of owning a boat someday.

The majority of our membership is made up of individuals wanting to just take a few lessons and learn the basics of sailing. Yet our intercollegiate sailing team often ranks in the top 20 in the nation. We also have a a committed group of long-time members to add to the great mix that is Hoofers.

Getting started with HSC

Want to find out more about Hoofer Sailing Club? In a FREE on-land presentation, a knowledgeable instructor will guide you through an introduction to how the club works, the safety rules, and a tour, with the answers to all your questions along the way. New members must attend a Ground School before signing up for their first lesson.

Non-members are welcome to attend to find out more about the club. These lessons are offered weekly throughout the season and are available for FREE. For more information click here.

You can sign up for a ground school class here!